Amigos de los Niños is a volunteer fundraising organization geared toward raising money to donate to local children’s foundations that help mentally, physically, and emotionally challenged children get the education and special attention they need to be successful members of our community.  Since 1981, a small group of business professionals in the Orange County area have given their time and attention to the children of our community to ensure their health and happiness, and continue to do so with the help of dedicated volunteers.  Through simple acts of kindness, we can all be friends of the children.

Founder, Chuck Clayton

Since our beginning in 1981, Amigos de los Niños has raised and donated over four million dollars to children's foundations in the Orange County area.  Our overhead costs are two percent of our total revenue.


Rick Doebler

Executive Board Members

Dave Bates

John Brenner

Tim Brundige

Chuck Clayton

Brent Holt

Randy Clayton

Gregg Holt

Rick Doebler

Skeeter Holt

Dave McCauley

Harold Taber

Mike Uranga

Emeritus Board Members

Jim Abbott

Frank Brenner

Bill Brundige

DawnMarie Kotsonis

Gene Moses

Anita Pulley

Administrative Secretary

Whitney Dressler